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Taos, NM: The Pinnacle of Green Building

Video Chapters

Chapter One: 1:42 – Passive Solar Adobe Movement Began in New Mexico

Chapter Two: 9:34 – Thermal Construction Heats & Cools Naturally

Chapter Three: 14:53 – Renewable Taos Green Energy Group

Chapter Four: 17:07 – Taos Independent of Fossil Fuel by 2024 

Chapter Five: 20:43 – Average Cost 100% Energy Efficient Homes

Joaquin Karcher of Zero E Design in Taos, NM.

Green Building Aspires to a Higher Level in Taos, New Mexico

Since the 1970s New Mexico has been the world leader in extracting energy from the sun. Today, the town of Taos is reaping the benefits of more than fifty years of solar power advancement by becoming energy independent in 2024.

Joaquin Karcher: Zero E Design

“Ultra-low energy homes are emerging all over the country. 90% heating energy savings is now available and affordable. It is a breakthrough to new dimensions in deep energy savings and comfort. Latest Building Science and super-insulated building envelopes designed to the Passive House concept make it possible. It is the most cost effective approach to Zero Energy living”. –Joaquin Karcher

I am Joaquin Karcher, founder of Zero E Design. I call myself a Zero-Energy-Designer, but what I really am is passionate about helping you materialize your dream of living in a home that expresses your appreciation for efficient design, high comfort, healthy living and satisfies your desire to be environmentally and socially responsible. Today, with Zero Energy design, you can live lightly and beautifully on this planet and save money while doing so.

Let us show you how a Zero E Home is for the environment, and for you. Future-ready. Generous. Value-based. Cost effective with technical excellence. These are the adjectives I most commonly use to talk about the benefits of Passive House Design.

A Passive House is future ready. It has ahead-of-the-curve value built in; its features remain desirable and marketable way into future. A Zero E House is generous. Because it requires so little energy, its systems can generate a surplus that you can tap into for other things, like charging an electric car. A Passive House is centered around your values—your desire to reduce your own personal carbon footprint can be precisely achieved. A healthy, happy balance. Zero Energy Design achieves your goals to live comfortably, to save money, and to reduce harmful effects of combustion fuel on the environment. Independence from utility dependence is a bold statement. A Passive Home is quite simply the perfect design for this very time and for your personal goals.

Live it, love it. Satisfy your desire to be energy independent.

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