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Video Chapters

Chapter One:  2:24 – Upscale Subdivisions in Santa Fe

Chapter Two: 8:50 – Zachary Homes Cost 1 to 10 Million Dollars

Chapter Three: 13:00 – Amenities at Las Campanas

Chapter Four: 15:12 – Transitional Style New Home Construction

Chapter Five: 19:16 – Timeframe to Purchase & Live in a Zachary Home

Joshua Shultz of Zachary & Sons.

Multi-Million Dollar Homes in Santa Fe

When people ask us, “what makes Zachary & Sons Homes different from other builders?” we answer, “Tradition.” Our family has been building homes for six generations so quality construction is in our blood. Zachary and Sons have been building quality homes for six generations. We innovatively capture the feel of Santa Fe while tailoring every project to fit our clients’ unique vision.

Building in Santa Fe offers our clients the perfect opportunity to craft a custom home that blends tradition with modern elegance. As the oldest capitol in the United States, Santa Fe presents us with unlimited inspirations for design. Whether it is the rich and warm palate of the Native American pueblos, the stunning austerity of the desert landscape, or the detailed tile work of the Mexican and Spanish artisans, Zachary & Sons creatively capture the feel of Santa Fe while tailoring every project to fit our client’s vision.

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