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The Commons on the Alameda

Video Chapters

Chapter One:  2:54 – Co-Housing Community More Than Just an HOA

Chapter Two:  6:10 – Commons Approach to Living Much Like the Past

Chapter Three: 9:40 -Co-Housing Concept Began in Scandinavia

Chapter Four:  15:20 – Affordability Challenges for Younger Families

Chapter Five:  19:24 – Co-Housing Communities Long-Term Projects

Jamey Stillings of the Commons on the Alameda in Santa Fe.

Santa Fe’s Multi-Generational Community

The Commons on the Alameda, initiated in 1991, is one of the nation’s first cohousing developments. The term cohousing describes housing in a community that incorporates cooperative living into its design and implementation. The major goal of The Commons in Santa Fe is to infuse a sense of community into all aspects of daily living. It also respects the privacy and individual needs of residents. Completed in 1997, The Commons is comprised of 28 residences and a community facility on about five acres located just within the Santa Fe city line.

Jamey Stillings is the current president of The Commons on the Alameda, a cohousing community on West Alameda Street in Santa Fe. Jamey, his wife Esha Chiocchio, and their two children have lived at The Commons since 2012.


Jamey’s multi-decade photographic career spans documentary, fine art, and commissioned work. Since 2010, his work’s focus is renewable energy through a long-term aerial photography project entitled Changing Perspectives: Renewable Energy & the Shifting Human Landscape. From helicopters and light airplanes, Stillings has photographed over the American West, Japan, Uruguay, and Chile.


ATACAMA: Renewable Energy and Mining in the High Desert of Chile, the newest chapter of Changing Perspectives, will be published by renowned German photo book publisher Steidl.


Stillings presents at photo festivals, universities, TEDx events, and professional conferences globally. His work is exhibited and published widely in Asia, Australia, Europe, North and South America. Recent publications include The New York Times Magazine, National Geographic, Der Spiegel, Le Monde, Newsweek Japan, and WIRED Italia. His book, The Evolution of Ivanpah Solar (Steidl, 2015), documents the construction of Ivanpah Solar concentrated solar power plant in the Mojave Desert of California. Stillings’ photographs are in private and public collections, including the US Library of Congress, Museum of Fine Arts – Houston, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and Nevada Museum of Art.

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