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Steve Torres – Realtor With Twelve Generations in Socorro County

Steve Torres Serves on the Planning and Zoning Commission in Socorro

Video Chapters

Chapter One: 02:16 – Town of Socorro Centrally Located

Chapter Two: 07:32 – Cost of Rural Properties in Socorro County

Chapter Three: 11:40 – Socorro County Good Internet for Remote Workers

Chapter Four: 14:12 – Magdalena Becoming the New Santa Fe

Chapter Five: 16:25 – Socorro County Best Chile in New Mexico

Welcome! My name is Steve Torres and my family has lived in the Socorro County area for approximately 12 generations. I was raised by a family with entrepreneurial spirit which has given me the drive to create something people could enjoy! My family built the El Camino Restaurant back in 1963 and it has remained a landmark for many, New Mexico Tech students, tourists and locals ever since. New Mexico Tech is the driving force in our community offering a first rate education to many scientists and engineers. The consistent climate is second to none with our warm temperatures and mild winters.  We have an unforgettable and challenging Golf Course with beautiful views throughout.

I was fortunate to own and operate my own restaurant business. “Stevie’s Grill” was created by my wife and I back in 2005 and operated until 2013. Currently I serve on the Planning and Zoning Commission for the City of Socorro and I am optimistic from our current growth pattern already in force. My vast knowledge of the Socorro County area will help my clients understand the advantages of living here. Constant networking has been so much fun throughout my life meeting so many great people! You will be interested in our History and strength in diversity that so many interesting people have contributed. Buying Real Estate is a huge decision and should not be taken lightly. I believe that prospective buyers know what they want, and it is my job to make sure that process is memorable, informative, and transparent. Let us start this process together! You will find that Socorro has so much to offer!

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