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Sarah Wimett – Realtor & Native of New Mexico

Specializing in El Rito, Ojo Caliente, Medanales, Abiquiu & Dixon

Video Highlights

Chapter One: 1:00 – Adobe Remodels & Spec Houses in Northern N.M.

Chapter Two: 4:16 – New Mexico’s Panic & Pandemic Home Sale Surge  

Chapter Three: 12:08 – Northern New Mexico Median Home Price

Chapter Four: 18:54 – Northern New Mexico Land Prices


Service Areas & Specialties: As a native New Mexican born in Española, I gravitate my business to the areas of which I am most fond: El Rito, Ojo Caliente, Medanales, Abiquiu and Dixon. Because I have been a construction laborer and have involved myself in several home remodels, I love interior design and building.

Professional Experience: Having been a real estate person for 7 years prior to starting my own company and working with one of the most honest and reliable brokers in our area (Catherine Abeele), has prepared me even more than all of the real estate courses I’ve taken. Also, starting my own restaurants in Santa Fe (O.J. Sarah’s and The Super Chief Diner) and running them for 10 years before selling, was the best lesson in dealing with assorted temperaments and learning to listen. I have also catered at The School of American Research for the past 21 years. This has allowed me to learn more about the archeology of our area and to meet some amazing people who have delved deeply into our region.

Professional Education and Designations: A graduate of The Albuquerque Academy, college in Boston, Santa Fe, Durango and The Real Estate Institute. A self-taught ability to spot magic property and a good sense of interior design.

Personal Comments:I love to show properties to those that are searching. I get tremendous gratification from finding a person/property match. And I find that because buying real estate is such a major step requiring focus and time, I have met some of my favorite people in the process. I have come to realize how important a good customer/realtor match is. And, how important trust and honesty are in culminating a healthy real estate transaction. Thus, I continue to strive to be as upfront, honest and well informed as I can be.

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