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Santa Rosa’s Economic Driver

Video Chapters

Chapter One: 3:45 – No Chamber but GCDC Offers Support

Chapter Two: 6:32 – Need for Recreational Business in Santa Rosa

Chapter Three: 8:00 – Certification for Deep Sea Diving Available

Chapter Four: 16:25 – Santa Rosa Safe Place to Raise Children

Chapter Five: 18:07 – Lack of New Housing Challenge for Santa Rosa

Chantel Lovato of GCDC in Santa Rosa, NM.

Guadalupe Community Development Corporation

The mission of Santa Rosa Mainstreet is to promote and stimulate the downtown Santa Rosa economy through National Main Street four-point strategy that focuses on design, economic vitality, organization and promotions committee work while championing the downtown Santa Rosa residents and businesses.

We are an independent 501(c) nonprofit organization.

Chantel C. Lovato is the Executive Director of Guadalupe Community Development Corporation’s, also known as the GCDC.  Chantel holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of New Mexico in English/Communication and a Master’s in Business Administration from New Mexico Highland’s University.

As the director of the GCDC, Chantel focuses her efforts on running the Santa Rosa Mainstreet organization and community and economic development.  This work consists of working with small businesses, creating partnerships inside and outside of her community to bring resources together to accomplish common goals.  Additionally, the GCDC works with the University of New Mexico serving as a Partner HERO for health extension.


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