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Santa Fe’s Dynamic Duo @ Barker Realty

Video Chapters

Chapter One: 2:35 – Highest Producers @ Barker Realty 55 Million 2020

Chapter Two: 6:50 – Team Captures History & Architecture of Homes

Chapter Three: 11:04 – Cost of Luxury Estates 5 – 7 Million

Chapter Four: 17:00 – Real Estate Price Up 20% Reason for Housing Crisis

Chapter Five: 21:14 – Bidding Wars Where Cash is King

Juli King & Stephanie Duran of Barker Reatly.

Duran & King: Off-the-Charts Realtors

Team Duran/King has been one of Santa Fe’s top 5 producing real estate teams for the last 5 years and with a combined 25 years of experience in Santa Fe’s real estate market, they bring incredible value to their clients! Team Members: Stephanie Duran and Juli King/ Lead Partners, Amanda Morris/Licensed Assistant. Representing Buyers: The repercussions of Covid-19 were felt in Santa Fe with a major influx of Buyers. When people realized that they could, for the most part, work from anywhere, the floodgates opened for Santa Fe because of its Southwest mountain/resort town appeal.

Due to the lack of available inventory, Team Duran/King had to sharpen their aggressive negotiation and bidding war skills! In 2020, they helped and are helping many buyers realize their dreams of living in Santa Fe and their tenacity and dedication to their Buyers has been proven invaluable. Representing Sellers: Covid-19 brought many challenges for Sellers and Team Duran/King reacted with new marketing strategies: Walk-through, narrated videos, 3-D virtual tours, virtual open houses, the utilization of social media and targeting via social media!

Their motto is ‘Energy begets Energy’. They do not wait for the Buyers to happen upon one of their listings, they have a proactive approach and their sold listings for 2020 are a clear indication that their proactive approach works! . Working with Team Duran/King is a proactive and professional experience.

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