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Chapter One: 2:38 – Challenges of Starting a Brewery in the 1990s

Chapter Two: 6:55 – Reciprocity in New Mexico Between Breweries

Chapter Three: 10:58 – Entertainment @ Santa Fe Brewing Company

Chapter Four: 16:09 – Santa Fe Brewing Doesn’t Pasteurize Beer

Chapter Five: 20:16 – Build a Strong Team for a Successful Business

Brian Lock CEO of the Santa Fe Brewing Company.

The Oldest & Biggest New Mexico Brewery

Santa Fe Brewing Company is New Mexico’s oldest and largest craft brewery. The company began in Santa Fe in 1988. Here are the team members of Santa Fe Brewing Company:

Brian Lock – President & CEO – Brian is the sole owner of Santa Fe Brewing company and has been at the enterprise since 1996. Brian’s passion for craft breweries began when he was in high school, it was then he began home brewing. He has worked in all aspects of the business and has taken it from some 5 employees to its current 95 employee base and two major CAPEX expansions. Brian is a graduate of Southern Methodist University and has served as the President of SFBC since 2004.

 Alana Harris – General Manager – Alana joined SFBC as a bartender in 2006 and subsequently managed the bars, all inventory and logistics, and events before developing the position of General Manager and head of Human Resources in 2010.  Alana has experience at every level of the company and has developed job positions and infrastructure to bring SFBC successfully from a staff of 5 to a staff of 95 and growing.  She was integral in establishing the company’s mission, vision and values and continues to use these tools to motivate, inspire and retain employees.

Alana is the current Vice President and founding member of the New Mexico Brewers Guild Board of Directors and remains active in supporting the Guild and the NM craft brewing industry.  Alana is also extensively trained in the sensory analysis and proper service of beer.  She is a Certified Cicerone®, BJCP Certified Judge and judges at the Great American Beer Festival every year.  Alana also holds a BA in Liberal Arts from St. John’s College.


Bert Boyce is the Brewmaster of Santa Fe Brewing Company, and has held the position for the last five years.  He is responsible for the Production and Operations side of the business, from coordinating production plans with Sales, to managing materials contracts, scheduling the facility, managing and training the staff, developing new products,  and leading projects and process improvements.

Bert has a BS in Fermentation Science from UC Davis 1998, a diploma from the Institute of Brewing and Distilling 2000, and an MBA from Xavier University 2015.  He has been in the brewing business since 1995, having worked in numerous small breweries and wineries in California, including one startup, prior to starting with Samuel Adams.  There he held the positions of Brewing Manager of the R&D Brewery and Assistant Brewing Manager of the Cincinnati Brewery production facility prior to moving to Santa Fe in 2014.

Jarrett Babincsak – Director Sales & Marketing – Jarrett is a beer industry veteran of sixteen years with leadership experience in all three tiers. His eight years with Miller Brewing Co. and MillerCoors were marked by regular promotions and numerous national sales and marketing excellence awards, and his four years with Big Sky Brewing Company by volume and profit over-delivery, national account success and improved distributor relations. He’s taken a craft wholesale start-up from empty box to thriving new business during his stint at Arizona Beer and Cider Co. and operated his own consulting business, Wilderness Navigation Consultancy.  Through WNC Jarrett led the re-org of a multi-branch ABI / MillerCoors wholesaler, provided thought leadership for multiple non-profit and for-profit ventures, and freelanced for publications such as Outdoor Life.  Since joining SFBC in October of 2016 Jarrett has successfully led efforts to revitalize and reposition the Santa Fe Brewing Company brand.

Jarrett also holds undergraduate degrees in Business Marketing & Journalism from Indiana University Bloomington, and an MBA from Arizona State University.

Seth Schmalz – Bookkeeper – Seth was hired in early 2019 as the Bookkeeper for Santa Fe Brewing Company.  Seth relocated from Indiana to New Mexico in 2017.  In Indiana, he was employed for 17 years at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway where he held the position of Senior Accountant for 11 years.  Seth’s experience in Indianapolis taught him how to manage large quantities of financial data while maintaining an eye for detail.  As a result, he currently performs all accounting tasks for Santa Fe Brewing.  Aside from the challenge of capturing all financial transactions conducted by SFBC, Seth is working hard to advance company processes as well as add detail to the financials to promote good business decisions.



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