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Chapter One: 2:25 – Evolution of Las Cruces since 2003

Chapter Two: 7:14 – Average Cost of Home in Las Cruces

Chapter Three: 11:07 – New Home Construction in Las Cruces

Chapter Four: 14:00 – Proximity to Bigger Cities from Las Cruces

Chapter Five: 18:28 – Amenities for Retirees Moving to Las Cruces

Ron Leone, realtor in Las Cruces.

Las Cruces: A Retirement Haven in Southern New Mexico

To be quite honest a friend of mine said to me one day “you’d be good in real estate”. Pam was a successful Real Estate Broker in San Diego, CA. That was in 1989, you do the math. I had always been selling “something” prior to that, went and got my real estate license, was #1 in my graduating class and the rest is history, I made it a career.

I migrated from San Diego, CA real estate, to Upstate NY real estate to Las Cruces, New Mexico real estate (long story) and I learned a thing or two in every market. My background in marketing helps my sellers and with the onset of the internet, I am able to discern viable, ready and able buyers searching “on line”, for their perfect home. Creating an internet presence is critical , and, of course, my many years in the real estate arena has taught me many things and beneficial to both my buyers and sellers alike.

I learned early on, that “every” home sells at a particular price…A seller needs to give me “Price”, ”Terms” and “Condition” and, of course, Location….and I need to create a conduit from the seller to the buyer looking for the same. How an agent does this distinguishes me from the rest. With more than 400 agents in Las Cruces, I manage to be in the top 10%. I’ve learned the harder I work, the luckier I am…funny how that works !

Music and travel are my escapes. I play in (2) bands singing Doo Wop in a 50-50’s band and I play trumpet in a Latin/Salsa group. Been married since 1988 to my lovely wife and assistant Janyce. I’m a member of two not for profit organizations: The Boys & Girls Club for which I’m president and past president of the Las Cruces Optimist Club. Both organizations give back to my community which gives me pleasure!

Whether you’re selling or buying, it would be my pleasure to represent and serve you.

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