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Ohori’s in Santa Fe Since 1984

Video Chapters

Chapter One: 1:38 – Ohori’s Coffee Roots in San Francisco

Chapter Two: 6:25 – Two Retail Locations Plus Roasting Facility

Chapter Three: 15:00 – Great Wholesale Rates Benefit Restaurants

Chapter Four: 17:50 – Ohori’s Supports Santa Fe Minimum Wage Ordinance

Chapter Five: 22:55 – National Gross Happiness at Ohori’s Coffee House

Ohori’s in Santa Fe is the Oldest Coffee Roaster in New Mexico

Ohori’s Coffee Roasters is rooted in the rich history of Santa Fe and the gourmet coffee world. Founder Susan Ohori began Ohori’s Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate in 1984 with a dream of bringing high quality, freshly roasted coffee to a thriving creative community with few other options.  The Ohori’s story begins in the early ’70s in North Berkeley, in the neighborhood known as the birthplace of California cuisine, specialty coffee, farm-to-table, and local food movements. Susan Ohori trained with master roaster and coffee visionary Alfred Peet, founder of the original company bearing his name. Peet was the founder of a coffee movement (“second wave coffee”) that introduced small-batch, hand-selected beans, and fully developed roasting.  When most Americans were still drinking freeze-dried coffee that came from a can, Peet’s Coffee trained a new generation of customers, roasters, and Baristas in the art of good coffee. This movement was the beginning of a coffee revolution in America.

Ohori’s was one of the first to help realize the vision of bringing exceptional roasted coffee to communities outside California. Ohori brought these ideals and her roasting skills to Santa Fe around the same time that Peet retired and sold his company to another former student, the founder of Starbucks Coffee in Seattle. Though these students had similar roots, Ohori came to Santa Fe for the arts and cultural community and kept her business’s focus on the local community.  In 2001, the Ayers family, local Santa Fe jewelers, and craftspeople who emphasize ethical business practices purchased Ohori’s Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate.  They soon changed the name to Ohori’s Coffee Roasters as the local coffee scene improved, and our recognition as a roaster became critical.

In 2017, Tai Ayers and Sam Brinegar became the active owners; they continue to run Ohori’s within the ethos that the people, both customers, and Baristas, can be the primary focus in a local business. We are patient and simple with changes in our products and keep things simple by focusing on quality over content or mass-production. Our stores continue to be a community space for gathering and finding unique gifts and specialty brewing equipment. We also support local artists by offering display space.

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