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Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce

Providing Service Locally & in Outer Space

Video Chapters

Chapter One: 4:10 – Chamber Offers Las Cruces Relocation Package  

Chapter Two: 6:59 – Chamber Supports Aerospace Industry in Region

Chapter Three: 11:00 – Chamber Heart of Community Connecting the Dots

Chapter Four: 16:19 – Sponsored Seminars for Small Businesses

Chapter Five: 17:42 – Las Cruces New Home for Spaceport America

The Greater Las Cruces Chamber of  Commerce works to empower businesspeople. They excel in building a community where business can thrive and citizens are proud to live. They proactively engage the people of the region to create a plan of action that allows us to make the most of our economic opportunities while preserving what we love about our hometown.

Our Chamber will be the lead advocate to become a world-class community.

“YOUR business is OUR business”

Be Safe.  Stay Healthy.  Lead On.

Debbi Moore, President & CEO

150 East Lohman

Las Cruces NM 88001







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