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Geo-Test: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Video Chapters

Chapter One: 1:52 – NM Soil Derived from Mountain & Volcanic Material

Chapter Two: 6:58 – Diverse Terrain Throughout New Mexico

Chapter Three: 12:58 – Santa Fe Soil Derived from Ancient Ocean Deposits

Chapter Four: 18:00 – Service All of New Mexico & Office in Tucson

Chapter Five: 22:31 – Cost to Test Foundation Soil

Engineer Tim Matson of Geo-Test.

A Foundation Is Not Without Challenges

Geo-Test, Inc. has provided consulting services in geotechnical and material engineering throughout New Mexico and the Southwest for thirty-three years.  Fully staffed and equipped offices and laboratories are located conveniently in Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Las Cruces, New Mexico along with a branch engineering office in Tucson, Arizona.  Our Professional Engineers are registered to do business in the states of New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado.

Principals of the firm each have over 40 years extensive experience in New Mexico and provide management and technical oversight of all projects.  We have wide-ranging geotechnical engineering experience in foundation design, retaining structure design, water resource projects including earthen and rock dams, subterranean utilities and heavy civil projects.  We have managed our growth to retain maximum responsiveness to our diverse client base.  We focus on providing practical, cost effective and site-specific solutions to design and construction challenges as well as providing integrated engineering, and construction services supported by our in-house drilling and laboratory capabilities.  As team members, our diverse experience provides us a unique perspective to seek innovative and pragmatic solutions to a variety of engineering challenges.

Timothy Matson                              

Engineering Geologist / Staff Engineer

Specialized Professional Competence

Mr. Matson’s experience includes initiating, performing and managing geotechnical investigations, geologic mapping, and downhole logging, feasibility, landslide, slope stability and active fault studies for mass grading projects and pavement design.  Mr. Matson is also experienced in identifying soil types, monitoring soil moisture and compaction, foundation construction (shallow and deep), shoring observation and testing of freshly mixed concrete, laboratory testing, special inspection of reinforced concrete and masonry reinforcement.

In addition, Mr. Matson has been the lead investigator for projects ranging from residential and commercial buildings, mining facilities, transportation projects, water retention structures, tailings dams, sedimentation basins, municipal water and wastewater lagoons.