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Fort Sumner Chamber of Commerce

Video Chapters

Chapter One: 1:56 – Ft. Sumner 70 Miles from Texas Border

Chapter Two: 4:20 – Old Air Base Investment Opportunity

Chapter Three: 6:21 – Billy the Kid Grave Bosque Redondo

Chapter Four: 11:25 – Cost of Living Low Encourages New Business

Chapter Five: 18:00 – Easy to Get Around in Caring Community

Low Cost of Living Ideal for New Business

The Fort Sumner Chamber of Commerce is organized for the purpose of advancing the commercial, industrial, agricultural and civic interest of Fort Sumner, New Mexico.

Mary Ann Cortese is the President of the Fort Sumner Chamber of Commerce. Her other leadership roles include:

  • Regent on the Board of the Museum of New Mexico

  • President of the Friends of the Bosque Redondo Memorial Historic Site

  • Member of the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience

  • Self employed – Cortese Farm and Ranch Inc.

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