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The Evolution of Eunice, NM

Video Chapters

Chapter One: 1:29 – Eunice, NM Growing Population

Chapter Two: 6:32 – From Nuclear Waste to Oil & Gas Industries

Chapter Three: 9:22 -Six Figure Salaries in NM Oil & Gas Industry

Chapter Four: 16:55 – New Housing Development Las Cruces, NM

Chapter Five: 18:16 – Collaboration with Mexico Las Cruces Retail

The Making of a New City

Daniel G. Buck is the Chief Executive Officer representing the Economic Equilibrium of New Mexico as well as the Chief Development Officer of H2 Development Group. The Economic Equilibrium of New Mexico focuses on economic stimulation, diversification, and regional growth for municipalities imbedded within New Mexico’s diverse topography. H2 Development Group is a real estate development and asset management firm specializing in amplified residential growth and commercial developments.

Buck’s work has included private equity funding, real property asset holdings, economic research on energy economies, and economic chartering for business development. In addition to managing both firms Daniel serves on multiple community boards which include the Economic Development Corporation, a Private Equity Board, Rotary, Planning and Zoning, and is joining the Historic Preservation Board in Las Cruces. H2 Development Group and the Economic Equilibrium of New Mexico are currently contracting with the City of Eunice to develop a series of gated communities and commercial developments which will be taken from infancy to maturation under the consultation and development departments of both firms. Other territories within the state of New Mexico include Doña Ana county and the city of Las Cruces where Daniel’s primary office is. Projects within the City of Las Cruces include an Apartment Complex of modern architecture made from shipping containers currently in planning and a consultation in the historic Mesquite District for a multi-use community project aimed at heritage Hispanic Craftsmanship.

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