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Deming – Luna Chamber of Commerce

Deming is the New Tucson

Video Chapters

Chapter One: 1:45 – Business Challenges in Deming

Chapter Two: 7:00 – New Mexico’s Arid Climate Good for Wineries

Chapter Three: 8:55 – Deming Popular with Snowbird Community

Chapter Four: 14:28 – Need for Marketing & Transportation Business 

Chapter Five: 19:40 – Full or Part Time Living Options in Deming

Debbie Troyer Executive Director Deming-Luna County.

Deming is Becoming the New Tucson

The Deming-Luna County Chamber of Commerce was founded in March 1910. The purpose of the Chamber then, as well as today, is to support the economic development of the area.  As a non-profit organization, (501c6), the Chamber is committed to improving the quality and economic life in the area. This is accomplished by organizing Hello Thursday Mixers, and host events for Deming. The Chamber is governed by a dedicated Board of Directors who convenes monthly and directs the work of the Chamber and various committees.

Our mission is to dedicated to growing and promoting business and organizations, that bring together people, ideas, and community to advocate, educate and support our business organizations.

Your Business is our business!

Debbie Troyer was born just south of San Francisco, CA. She worked as an Executive Sales person in Silicon Valley CA for 20 years. In 2012 Debbie made a major quality of life decision and moved to Deming NM. Since that time she has kept busy remodeling a brick home built in 1917. She has Volunteered with Deming Animal Guardians in Deming for 8 years. Debbie also assisted the organization when they opened their no kill rescue, orchestrated more than 30 events. Followed by the opening of  Silver Whiskers, a boutique style gifts & treasures shop, supporting Deming Animal Guardians in 2018. She began work with the Deming-Luna Chamber in 2020.

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