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Lordsburg Chamber of Commerce

Video Chapters

Chapter One: 2:14 – Lordsburg Major Stop Between El Paso & Tucson

Chapter Two: 7:38 – Hidalgo Medical Services Clinic in Lordsburg

Chapter Three: 12:28 – Types of Business in Lordsburg

Chapter Four: 14:48 – Continental Divide & Ghost Town Attractions

Chapter Five: 18:00 – Lordsburg Reminiscent of Old West

Christine Ortiz board member of the Lordsburg Chamber of Commerce.

Last Stop, First Step for Business

Located in New Mexico’s southern Bootheel along the border with Arizona and Mexico, Hidalgo County is an important part of the Old West and the history of America. Once home to Billy the Kid and Native American tribes, today the region is the commercial hub for five separate highways that converge here. Hidalgo County is home to a wide range of recreational and outdoor activity, from hunting and fishing to hiking and rock-hounding. The Continental Divide Trail begins here, at the Crazy Cook Monument, and passes through Lordsburg on its way north.

Christine Ortiz has lived and worked in small remote communities along the US/Mexico border in southeast Arizona and southwest New Mexico since her separation from the US Army at Fort Huachuca in 1992.  During a year-long battle with breast cancer in 2004, Christine transitioned from corporate retail management to a career in nonprofit development.  Since then, she has established three nonprofits from the ground up, supported the development of many other agencies and community programs, consults on grants for local agencies, and continues to serve on regional and state level Boards.  With the college graduation of the last of their combined 10 children completed, Christine and her husband are semi-retiring to spend winters at their home in Mexico near a large bass-fishing lake.  Ortiz is currently serving as the Acting Director of the Lordsburg – Hidalgo County Chamber of Commerce during the agency’s search for a new Chamber Director.


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